Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplantation is the most ideal solution for a patient with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). It allows the recipient patient the ability to cease dialysis and live a completely independent lifestyle. A functioning “new” kidney will often allow blood pressures to be normalized, reduce or eliminate the need for anemia medications and restore bone integrity. Energy levels are also expected to normalize. Most patients may eliminate their dietary restrictions. Patients typically will need to remain on 2 to 3 medications indefinitely to maintain the health of the new kidney and prevent organ rejection.

Patients can be listed for a kidney transplant once their eGFR (estimated glomerular filtration rate) is persistently less than 20 ml/min. At RCMG, we will discuss your transplant options, and may refer you to one of several local transplant centers for a kidney transplant evaluation.

If a referral is made, the transplant center will discuss both living donation as well as deceased donor kidneys. In living donation, a patient may have candidates whom they know such as family or friends who are willing to donate a kidney to them. The transplant center to which you are referred will be charged with screening the potential donors to be sure they are healthy and fit for organ donation. They should also ideally be immunologically compatible, and share a compatible blood type.

If no living donor is available, and the patient is deemed an acceptable transplant candidate, then they will be listed on the UNOS deceased donor registry. Priority is determined by the length of time accrued on the wait list, but exceptions are made for perfect matches between an available organ and anyone on the waitlist who matches that kidney across the United States.

After successful transplantation has occurred, the transplant center will generally follow the patient closely for up to 3-4 months, after which you will be released back to your Renal Consultants Medical Group Nephrologists for further care and monitoring close to home.

At RCMG, all of our physicians have received extensive training on transplantation medicine, including a few at the prestigious Cedars-Sinai Transplant Center where they transplant numerous highly sensitized, ABO incompatible and previously failed kidney transplant recipients. With 4 convenient office locations throughout the San Fernando Valley, you can rest assured that Renal Consultants Medical Group has Nephrologists that will assist you in preparing for your transplant and participate in your care today.